Woman SewingI’ve often wondered why people sew?  Often times sale prices are so good on clothes that it actually costs more to sew them yourself.  However, one thing I have discovered is that when you sew your own clothes you can have the color or pattern you want and not whatever is the popular color this season.  You can also make them fit if you don’t happen to fit into the mold that manufacturers use when they make clothes.  And sometimes I think it’s just that sewing is fun and people just enjoy the act of creating something hand made.  If you are one of those people or wish you were check out these Top 20 Sewing Blogs.

  1. Blogforbettersewing.com This is a great all around blog.  There are tutorials for creating things that will help you in your sewing such as covered buttons.  She also has a feature where once a week she will report on what is happening in fashion.  There is also a story explaining how best to take accurate measurements.
  2. Blog.craftzine.com/archive/sewing In a time when everyone is trying to recycle a new term has been coined called “upcycling”.  This new term has been showing up everywhere.  This blog has great projects where you can make something new and fabulous out of something like a man’s shirt.
  3. Sewing.org/scripts/blog A great project for making a cozy sweatshirt into a cardigan is included on this blog among many other projects that might get your creative juices flowing.
  4. Blog.jennys-sewing-studio.com There are many video demonstrations on this site.  Information about the latest in sewing machines is also a priority on this blog.  Check out which machines are embroidering now.
  5. Heatherross.squarespace.com This blog is part of a blog tour where you can go from blog to blog and check out similar project done in different ways.  She has written her own book so she knows what she is talking about.
  6. Lazygirldesigns.com/blog The lazy girl in this blog is Joan and Joan has her own line of patterns.  She also has a lot of craft friends that share projects such as quilted bags and zippered toiletry bags.  Many fun projects can be found on this blog.  Check it out.
  7. Forums.fabric.com/blog She is the self proclaimed “Fabric Maverick” and I have to agree because one of the articles I saw was a detailed description of making a swimsuit.  That is not a project for the faint of heart.  Check out her other fun projects and she sprinkles in the occasional recipe because even sewers have to eat sometimes.
  8. Sewingmachinereviewer.com If you are in the market for a new sewing machine don’t buy until you’ve checked out this blog.  Read all about different machines as well as what makes each of them stand out.
  9. Needlenthread.com This blogger has been around for a while.  She has archived sewing articles going back to 2006.  Take some time and browse through her stash.  She has videos of various embroidery stitches so if you have a pattern that calls for a certain stitch that you don’t know how to do this is a great resource.
  10. Stacysews.com Stacy sews clothing and does a fabulous job at it if her pictures are any indication.  She will soon be making pajamas and lounge pants.  If that sounds fun to you please check out her blog.
  11. Off-the-cuff-style.blogspot.com Another true artist with a sewing machine.  This blogger helps her readers with difficult steps in various patterns.  If you are having troubles with a certain technique check out her archives and see if she has covered it.  If it’s not there I’m sure you can e-mail her and ask.
  12. Thesewingdivas.wordpress.com This blogger works in a theater and makes fabulous costumes.  They are doing Suessical so you can imagine how fun and fab the costumes will be for that.  She shows us how she made and the finished product of a sparkly coat with tails.  How fun is that?
  13. Pinkchalkstudio.com/blog This blogger has her own fabric business.  She talks about balance in her life.  I think we can all relate to finding a balance between work and what we love to do.  It is difficult for this blogger because the two things are closely related.  Read her blog to see how she’s managing to run a business and quilt for fun.
  14. Capital-sew-and-sew.blogspot.com The blogger explains it best by stating that she wants to nurture the next generation of sewers, knitters and crocheters and to re-engage those who have stitched in the past and want to start again.  She has great articles about white house fashions as well as sewing projects.
  15. Sewcraftyhouston.com/index.php/blog Not just sewing on this blog.  She has many different types of projects, but what I often see is that people who sew often do other fun crafts as well.  See the fun sewing projects as well as videos on bottle tumblers.
  16. Junie-moon.blogspot.com A very interesting and unique blogger shares her life as well as her love of sewing.  Her recent project was a complete set of kitchen linens that were all matching for her sister’s 50th birthday.  Such a thoughtful idea for someone so close.
  17. Kids-sewing-projects.com If you are looking for a way to introduce sewing to your child this might be the blog for you.  She includes kid level projects and complete instructions.  The projects are fun and would appeal to children.
  18. Blog.ericas.com Great tips and tricks to be found on this blog.  How do you hold down small pieces of fabric so you can sew them?  Find out this blogger’s solution to this problem among other tips.  This blog leans heavier toward quilting, but she makes bags and other smaller projects as well.
  19. Blog.sewserendipity.com I love the title of this blog.  It’s so fun and spunky.  That describes the blogger as well.  She has many fun photos to share as well as short projects if you are looking to sew, but you don’t want something too hard or too involved.
  20. Chloeweil.com/blog Great projects for the home.  This blogger has a pattern for making your own fitted sheets.  Various other projects like a box bag and the most adorable cupcake pincushions that you’ll ever see.

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