recipesHow often do you hear the question, “What’s for dinner?”  If you’re anything like me you get tired of fixing the same old thing, but you are at a loss for something quick and easy to fix.  There are times when it’s cold and snowy and you’re in the mood for a really good soup or stew.  Then there are times when your day has just been the pits and you are really looking for comfort food with a capital “C”.  How about when your schedule is packed, but if you see another fast food burger you are going to scream.  What do you do when it’s 100 degrees out and the last thing you want to do is heat up the kitchen?  Check out the following list of Top 30 Recipe Blogs to find the answers to these and many other questions.

  1. If you are looking for great recipes that have been tested by a mom and her family this is the place for you.  There are literally hundreds of recipes on this blog, from Cinnamon Toast to Easy Duck Confit and everything in between.
  2. Have you always wanted to make the Colonel’s cole slaw or biscuits?  What about those delectable Aussie fries at home instead of down under?  This blog has hundreds of recipes for your restaurant favorites.  This is definitely one to bookmark.
  3. Are you crazy about barbeque?  If you are then this is the place to find great recipes for bbq like this insane recipe for the Original Bacon Explosion that is pork rolled up in bacon covered in dry rub and barbeque sauce!  Definitely something a man came up with.
  4. Truly a foodie’s blog.  Share all of your favorite recipes with the other readers.  Currently they are about to launch a new and better-designed blog so jot this one down to check out in the future.
  5. If you love Spanish food this is the blog for you.  Not to mention this blogger has included a link to learn Spanish and to check out travel guides for traveling in Spain.  Even if you can’t travel to Spain you can take a mini trip in your kitchen.  Surprise the family by taking a culinary trip to Spain tonight.
  6. Take a trip down South with this blog.  Find many recipes for soul food like red beans and rice to Southern favorites like black- eyed peas or barbeque short ribs.  It’s all here so make sure to check out this one if you need a little down home comfort food.
  7. For easy Asian recipes browse this blog.  I found recipes for Szechwan Roasted Chicken for Chinese New Year and Sweet and Sour Fried Tofu among others.  This blog is a great place to find different recipes that allow you to avoid Chinese take-out and make it yourself in a much healthier way.
  8. This blog is different than the others I have seen.  This blogger has found recipes from other places on the net and cut and pasted them in to her blog.  The blog is visually pleasing and has many different aspects from her own experience with banana smoothies to the latest thing that professional chef Nigella is doing.
  9. Great vegan recipes for all occasions on this blog.  Even if you aren’t vegan the recipes are a healthy alternative to red meat, which could be substituted one to two nights a week.  Or maybe you have a friend that is vegan and you’d like to have them over for dinner.  These recipes aren’t strange they are just good and healthy recipes that everyone will enjoy.
  10. As a woman who recently had her third child she really knows how to cook for kids and get food on the table even when you are busy having a baby at home.  Yep, you read that right she had her baby at home.  She tells how she made meals ahead to prepare for the baby’s arrival.  Now, we don’t all plan on doing that, but there are a million reasons why having meals prepared ahead and waiting in the freezer would be great.  Check out this great blog.
  11. If you like Mexican food this is the blog for you.  Great recipes for all of your favorite Mexican food including a killer margarita recipe.  Currently this blogger is remodeling her kitchen and she is blogging her adventures in that arena too.
  12. Oh my goodness!  You have to check out this blog.  She has some delectable dessert recipes complete with mouthwatering photos for Valentine’s Day.  This is a must see.
  13. If you have kids this is a great blog for you.  She includes kid friendly dinners that are quick and easy.  And get this, she and her mom recently figure out how to make homemade tootsie rolls just by tasting them and mixing up different ingredients until they got it right?  Now that is a talented woman.
  14. Who’d have thought you could make a whole blog out of ice cream recipes?  I guess Shelagh Caudle did, as this is her blog.  She has many recipes for ice cream and all things related to ice cream.  One recipe I saw was for brown bread ice cream.  Strange or delicious?  You decide.
  15. Vegetables are spotlighted each month on this fascinating blog.  If you’re not a big fan of vegetables don’t immediately write this one off.  She not only shows new ways to fix different vegetables, but she has dessert recipes such as cheesecake with a rhubarb sauce.
  16. If you are looking for recipes with a short cut check out this blog.  Many of her recipes use various pre-mixed soups as an ingredient in her recipes for salad dressing or other dishes.
  17. This blog is called Recipe Buzz and boy is it buzzing.  The first picture I saw was for molten chocolate cake.  Doesn’t that sound mouth-wateringly wonderful?  She has recipes for everything from chewy caramel candy to Southwest chili.  Check out these great recipes and enjoy something different tonight.
  18. Many interesting recipes appear on this blog.  Tried and true recipes have been given an update.  While I think photos of the food would have added a lot to this blog it is still a great resource for recipes.
  19. A more international look at recipes and all things food can be found on this blog.  I found a story about new ketchup packaging particularly interesting.
  20. A great selection of homey recipes.  What else can I say?  She has taken the concept of maple syrup and pancakes and made maple syrup muffins.  I found a rather strange recipe for peanut butter bacon cookies.  They say everything is better with bacon.  Oh, and don’t miss the chocolate banana quick bread!
  21. Here’s a great resource for inexpensive recipes that turn out really good according to the blogger.  He sprinkles in a few stories about wine, as he is a wine buyer for grocery stores and foodie storylines such as Top Chef contestant interviews.
  22. An environmental site that seems to have branched into healthy cooking in a green way and wines that are nicer to mother earth.  I’ll warn you that there are many different areas on this blog site, but Relish is the recipe section and I found several new and different recipes that might be worth a try.
  23. From low-fat cookies to low sodium choices this blog covers it all.  There are a lot of special diets covered in the recipes on this blog so it would be a great resource if you have family members with allergies or diabetes.
  24. Wow!  An unbelievable number of current recipes.  I found at least 100 recipes just for Valentine’s Day meals for the one you love.  From great breakfast choices like Red Velvet Pancake with Brandied Cherry Butter to Lobster Bisque for lunch to a sweet ending with drinks and dessert.
  25. This blog is a great combination of recipes and fun life stories.  They include stories about how people fell in love over food or because of food.  Area food fairs or farmer’s markets are shown too.  A little background to the recipes adds a different twist to this blog.
  26. Just as you would expect, this blog is all about recipes using organic foods.  I thought organic just meant fruits and veggies, but apparently it extends far beyond those.  Check out the recipes for Chicken Meatloaf and Spicy Marinated Olives.
  27. A humorous look at the adventures of cooking and other food related adventures according to the blogger.  They share some pretty interesting recipes like Chocolate and Chickpea cupcakes with Nutella and Sour Cream frosting.  Okay, those are not things I normally put together, but maybe it would be interesting.
  28. An Oklahoma woman who chronicles her life on her ranch.  She blogs full-time about her cooking and is a wonderful photographer.  She now has her own cookbook.  While this blog contains recipes it also contains a whole lot more.  I must warn you, it’s addictive!
  29. Like it sounds this is an entire blog filled with soup recipes.  I don’t know about where you live, but we are getting snow and a nice steaming bowl of soup sounds pretty good right now.  She covers everything from basic directions for making your own chicken stock to the fancier recipes and everything in between.  This one is a keeper.
  30. New Orleans recipes are featured on this blog by actual New Orleans chefs.  I found Sweet Potato Biscuits, Vegetable Strata and Tomato and Cucumber salad.  For a different region of recipes check out this fabulous blog.

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